It goes without saying that for most business owners, the central goal of any social media marketing activity, online or offline, is to turn that activity into sales. Strategies and marketing plans are fine, but what makes the average business owner sit up and pay attention is another sale. In a crowded social world, it can be hard to stand out. Performance-boosting strategies can make all the difference, so we’ve picked a few of our best tips to jump-start your customer acquisition via social channels.


Search For You


The fastest way to find customers who are interested in buying from you is to search. Search for mentions of your brand name, your product names, your competitors, and for more generic terms where your company or products ‘match’. When you find people talking about you or your products, engage with them. Thank them for positive comments, resolve negative comments and answer questions from anyone undecided. The key thing here is speed. It’s no use responding to a brand comment 3 days after it was made. That person has moved on by then, probably buying from your competitor and thinking that your company doesn’t ‘get’ social media. Get it right, and you have an army of unpaid brand ambassadors out there, lining up to help you sell.


A Picture Paints A Thousand Words


On social media, you don’t have a thousand words to play with, so use them wisely. Adding an image to a social post boosts engagement and click-throughs, and can give you the opportunity to say a whole lot more than with just words.


Don’t just post photos of your products – try to add something extra. Try to get customers to send you photos of them wearing or using your products, and retweet or share these for a domino effect on sales. Nothing beats a genuine recommendation and customer photos add authenticity.


Make It Fun


Nothing turns a follower off on social media faster than a stream of ‘Here’s Product X, available on our website’ content. Followers want fun, engagement and variety.’s Twitter account (# is a great example of a company that works hard to provide fun, diverse social media content, posting on a mix of relevant topics, adding just a smattering of product links. If the nature of your business means you can’t be ‘fun’, it is still vital to be upbeat and positive – a little creativity can still reap big rewards.


Sell Direct From Social


Embedded stores have been available within Facebook for a while, and can be an amazing retail channel when designed and integrated correctly. Many e-commerce platforms such as Magento (# and Shopify (# have 3rd-party extensions to integrate an e-commerce store directly into Facebook.


Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have joined the party with various ‘Buy Now’ solutions. Whilst direct purchasing via these platforms is still in its infancy, we can be certain that it is a trend that will grow exponentially.


With a little effort and some strategic social media management, it’s possible to convert social activity into direct sales. The tips outlined above should help you on that journey and the team here at Shoutpilot are ready to help you to make it happen.

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