In the fast-paced online world, start-ups and established businesses alike need to keep up with the various channels available to them for social media marketing. Facebook and Twitter are the two most widely used platforms, but firms may also need to consider other platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or even Snapchat. There is a new kid on the block too – Periscope. It’s early days for Periscope, but it could really add value to a business owner’s social media mix.

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a live video streaming platform. The key word here is live – it’s far from being another YouTube, as video filmed and streamed via Periscope appears in the Periscope app in real time. Since Periscope is owned by Twitter, the live stream is also sent directly to your Twitter newsfeed. Viewers can like and comment on the video as it is happening, giving a fantastic opportunity for real-time interaction.

Because Periscope involves live streaming, viewers need to know when a transmission is happening. The platform is tightly integrated with Twitter, with the same concept of following accounts. Notifications of live transmissions are pushed to anyone following, and videos are available for 24 hours after transmission. When the 24 hours is up, the video is no longer available, not even to the person who made it.

How Can Businesses Use Periscope?

It has to be said – Periscope is mildly addictive, both in terms of streaming live video and searching out videos to watch. Finding creative ways in which to attract and engage with an audience that is hungry for Periscope-driven content is the challenge. Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Go Behind The Scenes

Taking viewers on a tour of your business or even into meetings, could be a fun way to provide unique content to potential customers. Using Periscope in this way provides a way of building trust. If you are happy to show your company, warts and all, in a live video stream, you clearly have nothing to hide. An inside look at a company can also help create and promote the firm’s personality, enabling viewers to better identify with a brand.

Product Demos

Many companies are successfully using YouTube to provide product demos for their customers. Periscope can work alongside YouTube to deliver a different kind of product demo. Being live and interactive means that Periscope viewers can ask questions throughout the demo, and the demo can be tailored in real-time to accommodate viewers’ questions and feedback.

Periscope could also prove to be the ultimate platform for blind taste tests for food and drink products – is there any stronger demonstration of a company’s belief in its products than a live and unedited taste test?

Q & A Sessions

Periscope may also provide a fantastic platform for live Q&A sessions with industry experts, product designers or artists, for example. Consumers love to get close to those involved with the goods and services they buy, so offering this level of access could really pay dividends.

Periscope may seem transient and potentially hazardous for the business user, but with a strong marketing plan and some creative ideas, it could add a real boost to your social media presence.

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